Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I’m home!! ( oh how i wished )


The first thing that registered in mind whenever a Malaysian is away from his or her home base ( as if I’m an international frequent flyer ) is, definitely the exquisite, tasty, divine and sinful MALAYSIAN FOOD ( Block letters to emphasise on the hungry that is growing in me day by day. May I marry a nasik lemak, a char kuey teow or a plate of famous SS 15 rojak instead of doing so with a woman. I hate arguments and drama which I know that I’m vulnerable to file for a divorce. At least if I’m physically and emotionally attached to a food, I can eat her everyday. OK this is bull……



A normal stroll along the weekend, no, it was not. Just an ordinary weekday. Oh was it Xmas eve? Coz santa clauses were found to be everywhere around the mall shopping for gifts wtf. As showed above, that’s is the definition of traffic jam in Jakarta. That’s just like 0.00000001 % of the whole cathostraphy on the road. The jam could lead to migraine, nausea, loss of social consciousness once you disembark from the taxi that you’re riding on ahahaha, They honked almost every now end then. They honk when the traffic light turns green, when a car overtakes them, whenever a motorcyclist is talking to a neighbouring motorcycle while on the freeway. Yes, honking is a culture.



OHHH THE LITTLE PENANG KAFE!!!! I’M HOME!!! ( food & service review is coming right up ). I’ve come accross this outlet since the first day I’ve landed in this foreign land. It took me 4 goddam weeks to own up the guts to try it out, thinking that I’ll never get homesick ahaha.



The effect of overjoyness upon sighting a Malaysia – esque restaurant or wtv : the ballooning effect




Within minutes, I’ve reached KLCC. It’s a stone throw away from Jakarta ok shut up. OHH I CAN SEE MAXIS TOWER, JALAN P. RAMLEE, KL LAMP POST!!! Enthusiasm was at the all time high. I thought I was back stuck in the traffic jam along Jalan Ampang!! ahahaha




To the right, MALACCA! It’s a 2 hours journey from my house in Selangor. It actually took just a split second to reach there from KLCC. It only happens in Little Penang Kafe. By this time nasik lemak was calling me. I was seduced.



Looks can be sooo tempting right????? Review is just down below




The varieties of roti canai, Some combinations are just appetizing, some will really leaves you a big question mark on your face.


ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I forgot, I was having a diet issue, I can’t consume food high in Purine, which will leaves to production of high uric acid. 90 percent of the whole menu are a huge NO NO for me. Or else it’ll be a swollen feet for me, again. By the way I’m just 21. Am I ageing too fast just coz I listen to Frank Sinatra’s??



Frustration was in the air. No nasik lemak. No nothing. Ended up with a plate of BBQ chicken fried kuey teow and a glass of freshly squizzed lime juice. The most odd combo a Malaysian could ever think of.



The Review:

It was dry, the portion was soo unreasonable to the price. The BBQ chicken? Leaves nothing to be desired for. The best part was, the lime juice hahaha. It was okayyyyyyy. The drink came like 15 minutes after the kuey teow showed up. A HUUUUUUUUUUGE disappointment.




The Review:

Imagine yourself eating nasik lemak with sambal belacan. Nuff said.





The Review:

Worse than nasik goreng adabi. 



As a very vocal person when it comes to quality of food served to me, it is my prerogative since I’m paying for it. It ain’t cheap. I wanted to leave some comments and feedbacks, who knows it might be beneficial for the restaurant it terms of improvement of the quality of the food and services. BY SMS ONLY?????? THE WORLD’S BIGGEST WTF.

P/S: Do leave the owner’s phone number instead, I’m a very upset and dissapointed customer.



I never miss my home country this bad. I’m cooking my own nasik lemak instead.



I heard girls screaming on top of their lungs. Like waddahell?? Oh Ada Band was performing. Trust me it’ll be satisfying to have a musical career in here. The crowd is beyond responsive. Imagining myself stuck in the crowd cheering and screaming to Siti Nurhaliza, if she ever gonna do another show here. Don’t worry, she loves me. I’ll be having VVIP seat by the way. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA