Monday, November 19, 2012

Flying as a passenger 101



The adverse effect of pressurisation. Hahahaha


Ya Allah I’ve been on a hiatus for a week! I should renew my commitment towards being committed to this baby, my blorg that is. Was sick few weeks ago and hahaha, sick again this week. Before the further elaboration on the topic of flying, may I express my frustration towards AIM for not granting Siti Nurhaliza any award for this year. Hands down, no one stands at par to the quality of her voice and let alone be better than her! YES I am mad and I am as I was typing this. Seriously Malaysian music industry, please reevaluate yourself, where will you be without the presence of the most successful singer ever. I don’t think any other nation on this planet owns a singer with such fruitful career and hold the throne for being the number 1 entertainer for such a long duration.



OK enough of blabbering, let’s talk about flying. Yeah checking in at the counter or doing it online, holding the boarding pass, gracefully walking to the departure gate pretending yourself strutting the catwalk on the runway of Versace. Flying with airliners will just kick the enthusiasm knob to high gear. Alhamdulillah thank you Ya Allah, I always appreciate flying with airline and today I’m working for one, oversea. Ahahahaha. These few keypoints that I’ll share with you are just basically based on my point of view, through my observation. Therefore if you’re judgemental enough, you may skip. Hahahaha.


Danau Toba taken from flight level 160


Do not be late

Nobody likes to be delayed, right? Smack yourself hard if you like so. There’re so many factors that may contribute to the delay of an aircraft’s departure and arrival. Blame it on aircraft traffic, technicalities of the aircraft, weather accumulation and even ground handling issues. Yes, there’re so many possible factors that may lead towards delay and please, DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM. Take my words seriously and I am being serious. Be at the airport at least 2 hours before, be ready at the departure gate as per schedule and walk fast. Hahahaha. Always practice online check in as this will cut the time for any processing at the airport. If you’re embarking for an international flight, be much much ahead of time, at least by 3 hours. Immigration check may consume your time.


Another international destination: Penang Island. Hahahahaha


Do not carry along an elephant as a hand carried luggage

Hahahaha if you possess the energy to carry along a mama jumbo, you might be flying with an entourage of a circus. I do understand that most of the airline travelers are complaining on the restriction of the size and the weight of the hand carried luggage. Not forgetting the check in luggage must abide to such limitations and will cost quite a lot if you ever exceed it. Bare in mind, the overhead stowage in the aircraft is just like a house. If you own a 3 bed room apartment, you can’t afford to bare 14 kids. You just can’t fit it in. It is always troublesome for a passenger to block the aisle and cause delay for boarding just coz he or she is struggling to fit his or her luggage/a huge box of cookies/50kg sack of rice into the stowage. Mind you, aircraft performance is limited by its weight. You don’t wanna put the pilots to struggle, being one of the reason why the aircraft is overweight. Ooooo I’m fierce!



Chicken curry. A potful!


Switch off the freaking phone!!

You do realize that when you put your phone next to the TV or car audio, you can hear the static noise tettt tettt tettt right? Yes, it can happen the same way to the aircraft. the signal that you may receive will just be an annoyance and it worst case scenario, it may cause miscommunications between the pilots and the controller. Logically you can’t expect to get any mobile network at the high cruising altitude. But this is crucial at lower altitude for example on descent to land and it is a crucial phase of the flight. I did use the word crucial twice in the previous sentence haha.


With crazy Kelly. When are we gonna head down to the karaoke and dangdut again??


Why the cabin lights are switched off during take off and landing

This is the most obvious if your departing and landing at night. The airline is not playing hide and seek of any such kind. The purpose of doing so is for situational adaptation. All that is in mind is focused towards emergency evacuation. You don’t wanna give ur eyes a shock. Imagine yourself driving through a dark tunnel and exited out to a bright sunlight. Yes, your eyes just can’t take the sudden brightness. Vice versa if you’re walking into a dark place. OK I’m soo sleepy. Enough with these few points of my view. ahahaha


P/S: Will you still love me tomorrow, Siti Nurhaliza??   


  1. Jyeah! Like a sir!
    Hehe.. Thanks for the reminder pilot! =)

  2. Kena off phone Dah boleh agak dah sebabnya kenapa.
    yg kena tutup lampu tu yg tak boleh cari jawapan...skrg dah tahu dah...boleh le kasi tekateki kat hubby nanti..hihi

    1. So sy la inspirasi tekatekii itu? Wow first timee ever hahahahaha

  3. thanx for the all important tips, beneficial forgot one though, how to keep calm during turbulence? I know you advised me to doa banyak2 and all, believe me that's all i do in that 12 hour flight heathrow-kl each time...i just want to know is it something to worry about though? once it was so bad my food tray actually jumped up and down...i just hate it, it puts me off flying each time i think about it. lovely view of penang, that's where i was born and bred...miss the nasi kandar and beaches!

    1. Oh yes I did miss out on dat. Pilots will receive weather reports n forecast prior to every flight. There's an onboard weather radar to monitor any precipitation or clouds ahead in the airway. We will always avoid it at all time. But u kno, the sky is not dat frenly so just bare with it. Alaa akak just take it as a rodeo ride hahahahaa

      Alaaaaa dun get me started wit penang food. U kno abt mee sotong at padang kota lama kan? The best mee goreng I've ever had. Ya Allah!!

  4. pleeeeeeease share banyak2 foto from the cockpit sbb i tau view dari situ sangaaaattt lah amazing..

    betooooollll.... no one can beat Dato Siti kan kan kan..!!

    penang... penang... bila lagi nak sampai ni..??

    1. Yes!!! Dh la kita sama jenis darah, sejiwa minat siti lak tu. Wuhooo. Hidup siti nurhaliza! Hidup kuala lipis! Hahahaa

      Gambar dr cockpit bersepah sgt byk. Tp camera kualiti kurengs so agak2 ok je. Blasah je la kan.

      Penang je puunnnn. Kata ke temasik dh lepas.hahaha

  5. Frust ye Dato Siti tak menang.. Tq sebab beri penjelasan especially tetang luggage dan handphone. Tentu ramai yang baru tahu.. :)

    1. Frust, mmg frust hahahahaaha. Siti the best!

      Thanx For ambik pengajaran dr coretan ini ye. Pls be early for boarding

  6. pilot, siti x menang semalam shout awards, haha

    1. For ur info, dat shout awards nt even an established award ceremony n skadar undian je. Terbukkti siti yg terbaik. Sekian haha

  7. hiya from a makcik in SG.
    Was googling for Siti Nurhaliza and was transported here.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Keep writing !!

    PS : I love travelling but I hate the flight part :-(. I can go not sleeping fr SG to NY and going to loo every 1 or 2 hours cos of anxiety. Weird huh..

    1. Hai kak lizzy, lizzy mcguire ke? Hahaha

      Finally, its about time. My effort to love siti nurhaliza has enabled me to get in touch wit her foreign fans hahahaha. Nnt saye dtg sg kita hang out jom.

      U took flight to ny? Can I hate u? If u took sq I'll hate u even more hahahahah. Ala relax je. Bace doa bykk2. Kitorg kat cockpit r workkin hard to make the flight safe. We r in need of ur prayers.

  8. ct dh dapek menantu..syg dato k x de anak ppn utk TSP kan..haha, kalau x leh la jadi anak menantu ct..nway, awat dapo x lap tuh..dangggg....hahaha..jgn marah ekkk, nanti kena jual..tata...kak susumanis

  9. Stove tu je kotoq sket. Adalah bukti kann rajin memasak ahahahaha. Kalau sy balek kl akak nk msk ape utk sy hahahaha