Friday, December 14, 2012





AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I didn’t blorg for nearly a month? AHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m totally took slacking off to a whole other galaxy. What happened to the so called renewed commitment towards this lovely web diary where I constantly spill all my brainwaste and emotion by products to? Ahahaha. Let me recall back my life during my absence:

  • For a week, I was down with flu and rather high fever which was at its worst during daytime and cooled off at night. It took me a week to finally realised all I need was antibiotic. Clearly proven that this humble physique of mine is not that strong at all. Oh I can’t be weak. NO.
  • My family came to Jakarta, for 8 days. Obviously an undivided attention must be put to cater for the best for my guests. All 8 of them. How many of you at the tender age of 22 ( OK I’m no longer a teenager ) has 8 people came in barging at your apartment. Now though I’m living alone, but I have 9 pillows in total. Should organise more sleepovers in near future.

Yeah, I said it all. I slacked for a reason. I do love myself for doing this, to further uplift my image and to again further avoid myself from looking like a total ignorant to his on blorg. OK I’m on diet. Don’t toy with my feeling. I’m in the state of mental instability hahaha.


 Inside the terminal of Batam International Airport


facts about this airport:

  • it has the longest runway amongst all airports in Indonesia, at the length of 4Km something. I’m not good with numbers. Ahahaha
  • It serves as an alternate to the much applauded Changi International Airport of Singapore.
  • When I say it acts as an alternate, I do mean it. Soon after take off, tadaaaa you can see the republic island. Not you who can see it, it’s me. I’m in the cockpit. Since you guys are stuck in the cabin, retreat yourself by enjoying the breath taking view of the Batam’s…….. ermm, what do they have there?



 The lounge. My favourite spot


Since the flight back to Jakarta is scheduled to arrive an hour plus from the time we touched down in Batam, the captain and I proceeded to the lounge, accompanied by the ground staff. It was a typical lounge. Nothing to shout about. As usual free wifi is provided but I was totally drained by the days of flying there. for 2 days I started by day before sunrise and ended my working hour after the sunset. Nope. I can’t even see the shadow of the sun when I stepped out from the plane. It was hectic but it’s good. Really good. My major concern with the lounge was the toilet. There’s only one cubicle and an urinal. My rectum was growling yet I need to keep it on hold as the person using the toilet bowl took soo long to end up his business in the cubicle!


***arghhhhh ( sigh of relief ), wash wash, flush flush***


Once I’m done with the call of nature, I went around wandering, refreshments were nice but I was not in the mood for filling up my belly. The magazines were in abundance but I don’t really understand Indonesian language. How should I kill the remaining time left in Batam??


To the reflexology I went

To those who do not know me ( most of you guys for sure haha ), massage and myself, we aren’t good together. It is destined that I need to repel myself from any massaging gestures made on my body. It’s scary. I have a super strong reflex action. Once my friend tapped me on my waist ( coz she is short ahaha ) and the reflex action took over me and I accidentally elbowed her, on her face. Scary. Alhamdulillah no bruise was left on her face and she remains alive till this day. An another incident, I was in the salon in Setiawangsa and sure, they’ll prewash my hair before it got trimmed. I found it to be sooo uncomfortably tickling, I ended up washing my own hair. Sucks that I still need to pay for the wash service. Erghhh.

And yet why did I brave myself to step into the reflexology section of the lounge??



Ya Allah I did the unthinkable. I let myself to be manned, by a man. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Nothing racy, just reflexology. Wow that rhymes. Never ever ever in my 22 years of life, anyone had ever washed my feet. Do not count when I was a baby. I was about to scream. It tickled and it was sooo disturbing. I just not in favor to be touched. Ahahahaha.



Ooooo, a giant CCTV camera, facing to the wall –____--



Wait, that was the guy from the toilet! He was to be blamed for making me holding my digestive waste from walking out the backdoor. Ahahahaha. And now he’s massaging my feet. Yes, I strongly perceived that he had washed his hands. Ahahahaha




I constantly told him to be rough on me. Ok that sounded sooo inappropriate. If he takes it slow, it will feel as if he’s caressing my feet. Not gonna happen. I demanded for pressure. and he did. And he was hard. And I loving it. OKKKKKKKKKKKK sounded sooo against the nature of humanity.

Being soo inquisitive, I asked him how the pressure he applied on my feet will affect my well being. He explained it all, the heels will connect to which part of the body and the list was endless. It hurts a lot. He told me my body is in a bad shape. OK. Noted. Huhuhu


'’ WE HAVE BEEN REJUVENATED! " screamed the feet.


Wooooooow. Never in my life that I ever think of how much your feet may influence the whole system of your body. It felt good, real good. I’m changing my mind. Massage is not a bad thing after all. I gained lots of benefits out of it. I will surely do it again! No wonder mama just love it so much for me to massage her shoulder.



As I walked through the tarmac to the aircraft bound for Jakarta, I saw this mammoth, Hajj flight, just arrived from Jeddah. The cabin crew is the mix of locals and arabs. And the locals looked like grandmas. My captain further clarified that they are retired cabin crews and are contracted for Hajj flights. Ooooo that’s cool. You still can fly even with them wrinkle on your face hahaha.

Another view. It’s too massive it just can’t fit in the frame.


The stupidest thing I’ve done so far in Indonesia:

Already on my designated seat. Flight will be pushed back soon. The cabin crews are busy doing the last part of their duty before closing the door of the aircraft. And then, the unexpected, the airline ground staff came in. I thought she is heading to Jakarta too. And then she opened her mouth and speak her mind out

“ mas, you haven’t pay for the massage.”


YA ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           I thought it was free!!!!!

I thought it was included as part of the service in the lounge. Since we don’t have to pay for the food I guess the massage is handled in the same manner too.




I took out the only piece of note left in my wallet. Hope it was sufficient to cover the fees, I bet it’ll do. Ya Allah. All I wanna do at that point was to rip of the pashmina from the lady across my seat and to cover my face throughout the flight. Might as well throughout the day.


P/S; Dato’ K is recovering from the road accident in Queenstown. Hope that all of us could offer some prayer for a speedy recovery of his fractured shoulder. Amin


  1. salam from england, welcome back to the blogging world! not the same without adik pilot around! :) but then we do get busy from time to time kan...that's life! good to hear your family visited you...there's nothing like keeping family ties, never let the distance be a hindrance! btw, your feet looks really shiny and bersih, must have been quite a treatment, worth it!

    1. Wahai kakakku frm the other side of the world, thanx for being so anticipative. Family visit to my place did taught me a life lesson, its nt easy to cater to ur guest hahaha.

      My feet were all pumped up thanx to the masseur. He did it goood hahaha

  2. hi im back! school holiday kan bolehlah blorg walking! hehehe

    1. Eh eh, blorg. Ikot sebutan aku hahaha. Weyy xyah la masuk skola. Dh la jauh. Mcm la aku dkt ahaha

  3. Replies
    1. Tq akak, bila nak mai jakarta niiiiii. Eeeeee akak gi KL!!! Jeles!!

    2. Jeles. Jangan tak jeles. Kita pagi2 da makan Nasi lemak entah mana pakcik buy from. But not bad la Ada rendang ayam etc.

    3. Akak at which part of Kl? Saje2 on a weekend getaway la ni?

  4. Lamanya x berblorg..
    Kalau ada fmily dtg sure le busy ..bantal kena cukup....kena bawa itu semuakan best , org yg x de family...mesti teringin nak mcm ni kan.

    Refleksology...almost sebulan sekali akak buat...suke

    1. Dh agak dh. Akak sentiasa menantikan sy. Hahahahaha poyo kejap hahaha

      Sronok sgt family dtg. Rumah riuh. Nk2 lepas dorg balek dr bandung. Nk jln dlm uma pun susah.

      Akak x geli ke kaki kene tonyoh?

  5. okay, now u've made me wanting for some though love them massage for my feet.. hahaha

  6. OMG..u r soooo funny, cian kena kejor sbb ingat x payah bayo..hihihi, akk pun penah, lps makan rilex je kuar, waiter kejor n politely cakap, puan bil belum settle, mak ai rasa nak pitam kt situ gak, terus terpegang bahu waiter tu n g tahu, dik akk x sengaja, lupa..... bkn nk lari dik.....adoiiiii..kekeke

    1. Eh eh sehati sejiwa la kita hahahahaha. Ya Allah malu gila lah mase tu. Nak ckp trauma pun bleh gak. Rasanye sy xkan singgah reflexology tu anytime soon kot haha

  7. ohhh my... lupa bayar..!!! tapi i pon pernah jugak sbb always kalut punya hal kan.. tapi i tak akan buat lagi reflex bla bla tu.. tried once & i ter-tendang adik tu tanpa sedar.. gila sakit tau..

    pi la nz & i bet u can meet siti there..!!! tukar je coordinate whatsoever kat cockpit tu & fly to nz hahahaaa....

    1. Sy pun takot bebeno tersepak mamat tu. sbb tu suruh dia urut kuat2 kalau x mmg rasa mcm kene geletek laaa

      Siti dh balek KL dh, lgpun aircraft yg sy fly bukan long haul huhu