Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The new baby is in town!




Wassup with the exclamation mark? Yeah I’m in the mood to be in a hype. Blame it on the new year spirit that yet to linger in my veins, Whatever. I’m here to announce, The new variant of the aircraft that I fly, just hit the shore, and we’re waiting in turn for training. really? ( Ya Allah TRAINING AGAIN?? )

Sorry peeps, my flight was delayed for few hours and I’ve just reached the hotel. I’m ALL drained. Thank god, part of my new year resolutions is ( first time ever in my life that I ever wrote down any sort of annual promises I vowed to myself ) that I’ll go the extra mile in keeping this blorg pumped up with constant updates. Please love me more and support this humble effort haha.


This is it! The new baby, baby. Hahaha


Welcome home, ATR 72-600!


Less talking, more photos. Damn, the quality of these snaps are just atrocious. This is the cockpit of ATR 72-500. Only 2 screens for the EFIS and the rest are analog dials



And here……. All screens. In aviation term, full glass cockpit. Don’t worry, there’s no slot for DVD or USB where we can connect it to any sort of entertainment. Your pilots on board are working hard to ensure a safe flight environment * SELF MOTIVATION *


'’Hey, 10K rupiah per photo. Unless you take my photo too”

Of course I did –___--


Enough with the coverage of the new birdie, I actually went out for new year. As a Self professed domestic bachelor, hahaha, I never really fancy going out on new year’s eve mainly  coz I’m not in the force to celebrate such unnecessary celebration. The most generic way I usually spend that particular public holiday is by having family gathering, eat up, gain tons of calories, and that’s it. Since this is my 2nd time having to go through the new year’s eve in Jakarta, I felt like I should go out and do something. Since my friend is in town and not flying, we decided to go out. A FRIEND. Let me reiterate haha.

OHHH we went to Bangi Kopitiam ( I never knew it actually existed ) and ordered nasik lemak ayam rendang. The sambal looked a bit funky but it did pass on the taste test.




And more! A joss stick like ‘kembang api’



A new year’s eve will be incomplete without a group photo. YES WE ARE FRIENDS


The ‘kembang api’ has blossomed



With live music and lucky draw and free kembang api and free trumpet ahaha, 2013 couldn’t be kicked start on a better note. And we’re not even near the city centre. Fireworks were EVERYWHERE. Directly in front of my apartment, it felt like Dataran Merdeka. Mind you it’s just an ordinary stretch of road.


Waited and waited to hit the lucky draw,unfortunate much that luck was not on our side that evening. We volunteered to sing in order to get the more freebies –___—

Wanted to sing Widuri, yet that guy can’t really recall the notes. Ended up singing Menghitung Hari by Kris Dayanti. ahahahahahahaha


P/S: Happy New Year Siti Nurhaliza, I’ll forever love you. HAHAHAHA


  1. arghhh,,,kau dh mengkhianati siti nurhaliza dgn nyanyi lagu KD ittteww..haha

    indonesian call it kembang api? sound so cute

    1. Lagu siti lg harapan la nk ade dlm songlist tu. mayb ade. Aku sedar tekak aku xsmp note tinggi yg dia bwk. See, siti sgt menghumblekan aku haha

      Kembang api is bunga api, mercun is petasan hahaha

  2. happy new year! appreciate your efforts to update your blog regularly, not an easy task sometimes kan...well, all the best to you in the year ahead, may all that you dream/hope for come true...with usaha and doa, Inshallah...take care!

    1. Thanx akak for droppin by. Was hopin dat u'll do so. See, baik x? Haha. It is. Plus with unfixed schedule lg lah kan. Akak I'm so happy rite nw, I just bought a keroncong cd!

  3. Damn nice bro atr 72-600 punya cockpit display. Perghhhhh haha

    1. salam,

      it is, felt like goin into airbus's cockpit.

      when r u gonna fly?

    2. salam,
      because there is a presence of the control column, it feels more like entering the 738 hehe :p

      about that, i don't know bro. just trying to find a way in and hope Allah answer my prayer. who knows we might fly together? :D

    3. Salam,

      InsyaAllah ade rezeki. Malindo pun dh ade. Usaha2 jgn menyerah kalah

  4. wow..tq for sharing the view from the cockpit awesome sgt!!!

  5. kembang api = bunga api???
    now i know!