Thursday, December 15, 2011

Conquering Jakarta


The evitable adventure to stroll along the roads and wonderful places of Jakarta began shortly as my batchmates and I arrived at the “mess”, the word for dormitory used in this country. The reason why we chose to be adventurous even on our first day here, because we basically got nothing to do ahahaha. Well it’s a Libur day here in Jakarta, or to be rephrase, weekend, we might as well grap the golden opportunity to hang out about town and shop for necessities. How can i express it as necessities, we were overlimit in terms of luggage weight when we reach here. OK I’m hungry and let’s go………….



The compulsory photo to commemorate our arrival  here at the mess. Is it a malaysian culture or it’s just us? ahahaha. By the way I’m the one snapping the photo and not in it, therefore no embarrassment of such manner will be thrown to me ahahahaha. Yeah I do things with reasons.


My aunt was really inquisitive and curious to find out how my accomodation will look like. Well Chu, this is it, I may not able to show you the picture of the room in my blorg. Will personally get to you once I’m back to KL.


- Unpacking : DONE

- Shower : overly DONE

OK we are set to rule the town for the day, but how are we actually gonna proceed there? Car? taxi?. Well taxi is the only logical solution available. I just can’t put it in words on how our dormitory is located. It’s not in the city side, not even in the village setting. Hmmmm. Easy for me to conclude it that there’s aloooooooooooot of school kids strolling around every morning and the road will be filled with motorist like how malaysian will rush to the Ramadhan bazaar. And yes i LOVE the name Ramadhan ahaha. We could only managed to find a taxi near our domitory and were promised that there’ll be in abundance few kilometres ahead. This was sooo funny and sticky, we cramped all 6 of us in the taxi, feeling like living  in a can of Ayam Brand sardine, oooooooooh how i miss sardine in the can.



After the struggle for survival inside the cramped up taxi ( seriously i was struggling to even breathe and circulation nearly went to a complete stop ok shutup ), we reached the taxi hub and split into 2. Nothing to elaborate. Just a normal taxi ride along the streets you’re never been before. I was soo surprised upon looking at the gear knob!! It’s different from what I had in KL. The reverse gear is on the left ahahaha. I was sooo amazed by the finding and wanted to put it up on status. Later i was told by the driver that this is normal on all Chevy cars. I’M THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FOOL. ahaha




This is Mal Kelapa Gading, a family oriented mall where basically everything that you craved for a mall to have, they have it here. It’s a mall of a combination of 3 small malls, I just don’t get the significance, 3 malls into 1 equals a mall. Well it’s just one big mall. But the food court is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. Not the one infront of the Farmer’s Market.


The mall was having a midnight sale on that weekend. I can’t believed my eyes. Parents with kids in the stroller rushed into the mall at near midnight hours. They took the definition of shopping to a whole other level which is beyond my imagination. The picture above shows how a sale at an outlet could magnet an ocean of ladies to go and spend. Mad shoppers.



AHAH!!! my favourite song covered by Siti Nurhaliza has been the muse for a cafe here. ahahaha Bengawaaaaaaaan soloooooooooo.



They don’t use the word “top up” here. I’ve topped up 50000 rupiah. Again, another shivering moment to buy something in Indonesia. I’m sooo overwhelmed by the number of zeros. ahahaha



Pizza hut here in Jakarta is like a fine dining restaurant. Like seriously. Once you stepped in you are at the hierarchy of those who owns Porsche Cayenne and lives in a hilltop mansion. OK that’s soo wrong. The queue is beyond long there’s a name list. Not worth my time. I was told, again, that the quality and taste of the pizza and pasta here surpassed the ones available in KL. Is it so? hmmmm next time shall we? YES they even have a counter dedicated to customers who are on the run and just wanted to get a slice instead of the whole pie. Which also has a queue WTF.



ANNOYINGLY, Chatime is here in Jakarta too. Yes Chatime, what do you want from me? Do you have to be everywhere that I go? ahahaha



It looks like a barber, but you can get your perm and hair loss treatment here. And the queue was crazyyyyyyyyyyyy. Do they have a sale too? The location of this outlet is soo stratergically vital to pull me back to that place again. Wanna know why? On the future post I’ll elaborate. If I have the courage to do so ahaha.



My first true Indonesian culinary experience!! Ikan Nila set or something. Thought it was Gurame fish, the coveted fish told by friends back in KL. Where can i get Jus Alpokat??



After done shopping in Farmer’s Market ( equivalent to Cold storage or it’s kind ), my batchmates decided to exchange their newly bought indonesian phone numbers, in the middle of the walkway!! I was like “ hey guys proceed to the side laaa”. They were like “ it’s okay, no problem”. I saw crowds giving sharp stares at us. Utter embarrassment. Will not incorporate myself into such situation ever again. ahahaha



What a wonderful first time experience at the mall, will visit you again, Mal Kelapa Gading. Wanted to snap the photo of the signage and manage to get this ahaha.


Woke up from my first night out from my mother’s land. We got nothing to do and went to the same mall, again ahahaha ok shutup ( at this point I’m so exhausted to finish this post …. )




I’ve encountered the unthinkable, the overly priced coffee. Kopi Luwak. Will never ever ever gonna try this. For those who are not sure why a cup of this coffee will cost 8.00 USD, the beans are soo produced at a minimal scale, as the coffee beans need to be indulged by the squirrel or wtv the name is, and the waste from the pass motion activity ( or else it may sound soo vulgar hahaha ) comes the beans that has been digested. Well it is cleaned before being grind into this exclusive drink. Is it halal, I don’t think so. OK hope there’ll be no group of extremist hunting down for  me due to this statement ahaha.


  1. cant wait for your next post...

  2. Salam Ramadhan...btw, my classmate who happens to be Lea Jeans owner's daughter (her name is Ley Pushpa Sandjaja) has a club called IMMIGRANT!


  3. Ikram:

    Hang mai sini kita go round round satu bandar


    Well thanx for bein so anticipative, wat shud I post nex??

    Alamak, dis clubbing thing sy kurang mengetahui, llater I go check it out. Uncle xde member yg buat kedai mkn kat sini ke ahaha