Thursday, December 29, 2011

L’aventure culinaire ( part 1 )

Not sure whether the title means anything ( ohh I’ll be smacked by my french lecturer!! )

As a living example of I LIVE TO EAT, and simultaneously obey the law of I EAT TO LIVE, which was derived by whoever, My side mission in this foreign capital is to indulge, taste and immerse myself with the lengthy spread of culinary delicacies. Jakarta is basically the meet up point for all of the immigrants who left their hometown for better tomorrow. They dragged along their cultures, and mostly food. There’s soo much to be offered, since there’re thousands of islands around. It seriously makes Malaysia look like the tip of a needle in the map. OK shut it up.

He’s always sweet, nice and humble. Not until the snack boxes arrive. He’s a monster. hahaha

Just cut to the chase, food is prepared and served in a different manner here. Yeah, it’s still served on a plate, cutleries are not to be left out too. But I hardly encounter any polystrine box. I looked through the garbage bin myself and I can’t find any. Ok seriously I don’t gross stuff. They prefer to pack things up in boxes like below. Cute, I know.


So cute it resembles Sarawak layer cake. WTF. Food is delivered in this kinda fashion, tight up by a string and voila, It’s time to dig in. The lid of the box is printed with the name of the caterer and on the butt of the box comes the name of the box supplier. Killing to chickens with a box. AHAHAHA. And the food is DELISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. As a food critic I’m known for my fiery remarks and my bias perception on food. So far throughout my stay here, it never fail to make me happy and satisfied.

The content of the box:
  • rice ( Asians and rice are super inseperable, or is it just me? )
  • A protein source ( chicken, beef, fish )
  • Roughage ( veggies obviously )
  • Some fried stuff ( soy bean cake or tempe, potatoes )
  • Keropok ( never fail to make its appearance in the box on daily basis )
  • fruit ( whatever kind that they serve )
  • and a small plastic containing a plastic spoon, a hard one instead of the cheapo brand, serviette and a toothpick. So cool rite??


It was the scariest day of my life yet, I saw a ghost. Ok wrong. As usual, lunch break. Enjoying the content of my lunch box. Everyday is like a surprise, not knowing what to expect with the food in it. There’s this dish, cubed potatoes with this gooey I don’t really know how to describe the feeling of eating it. Imagine yourself having jelly covered with gravy, eaten together with rice. Sounds yucky but it taste good actually, surprisingly indeed. After few bites I decided to give a microscopic look at the gooey thing itself. THE SCARIEST DAY OF MY LIFE YET. I saw tiny miny hair, covering the surface on that gooey thingy. First thing that registered in mind, “ oh shoot is this pig skin??” I was freaking out like never ever before. Within seconds the ghost appeared and laughed “ ahaha you ate the forbidden meat” OK SHUT  UP. I ran, and ran and ran to the nearest person around, which was the office boy. He later explained it’s the skin of the cow. OK will never ever try it ever again. Though it tasted kinda good.


A+ for hospitality

How sweet of them. They provided us with snacks. Twice actually, pre-lunch and tea time. Always come in 3 different varieties. Some are similar to those in Malaysia and some are just unique. Most importantly they taste great. Not sure because I’m basically starving every second of my life. I am now THE eating machine. The Horse. AHAHAHA.

Call me the horse or cow, I’ve made friends with buffalos and hippos instead ahaha. After lunch, like right after lunch, like 5 minutes after finishing their lunch, they will without fail proceed to KFC for some additional munching, of a plate of rice and southern style fried chicken WTF. They left me amazed and amused.


KFC and the desserts!

The photo above has proved that the adventurous hormone in me has just kicked in, it’s my first shot on indulging local delicacies. Ikan Nila with sayur asam. Was looking for a roasted gurame but was nowhere to be found that night. My friends they settled down with fried rice blah blah blah and fried noodles blah blah blah. I can get that in my home country. Lame. Take the golden opportunity to try something new right??


Wongga wongga!


  1. Needa tajimon:

    It is a lunch box. Ahahaha. Kalau malaysia ade kan best kan

  2. nape dessert KFC die lagi bestttttttt???????!!!

  3. Nain:

    I know rite!!! Well, they dun really hav much variaties of food like wat we hav in msia. No cheesy wedges and mashed potatoes. Are they crazy??

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