Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Farewell



farewell collage


Good food, awesome company, memorable moment…… OK enough babbling.


If there’s a word to describe how I feel everyday of my life, it’ll definitely be Alhamdulillah. Thank God. Opportunity comes by and you’ll be carried on a bandwagon to the next dream destination, leaving your current life behind in pursuit of a better future. Seriously I should be a preacher blorgger if I had a chance ahaha.

Alhamdulillah, again, as I managed to score a job in the foreign land, I deserved to have an over the top farewell. Demanded as it seems but the person organizing the farewell himself generously enough providing me the liberty to choose the menu of the dinner. Living the life of the future riche and currently already famous. OK SHUT UP.


I’ve to cancel soooo many farewell invitations by close friends due to the unavoidable reason. Among all of the invitations, this particular one can’t be declined. Or else I’ll be hunted down by 3 pre-invited patrons who enjoys good food provided to them for free ( seriously they’ll kill me if they read this ahahaha ). It was the day. Football match of Malaysia against Bahrain or Syria if not mistaken. To be expected that the road riding up to the stadium will be jam packed with cars rushing to the stadium. And why does my friend has to rent so close to the venue??? ahaha. The usual 20 minutes drive ended up to a dreadful 1 hour and 15 minutes crawl on the freeway. But as i approached to the stadium, there's not much car, not even a crowd of enthusiastic Malaysian supporters to be in sight. HUH??? What’s the jam all for?? Are they having a flash mob or something??


As promised, GOOOOOOD food will be served. The guests were kept grounded by the humble weighing scale waiting at the front door. WTF i gained 4 Kg, before the feast!!



My friend is basically owns the Langkawi Island in his room. A fridge full of alcoholic drinks. A fridge full of those sinful things. I love to have drunken people as company. They’re cute and will never gonna stop talking. JEZZ was soo overwhelmed by the selection of beverages, she ended up squating in order to choose which is to be boozed ahaha. By the way I only drank coke the whole night. Saint isn’t it ahaha.



AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUW the lovely candles to light up the mood. 10 scores for the fine details, which ended up isolated on the ironing board.



I was skeptical to have the dinner at his place as there’ll be no assurance of the cutleries and utensils used to be Halal. Seriously he bought everything brand new!!! The plates, the fork and spoon ( the spoon he stoled from the Singapore Airlines flight ahaha ). Even the pans and pots are all brand new to ensure that he meets the requirement. Notice the white plate? White resembles holiness which resembles me ok shut up.


2 hungry monsters can’t wait to be fed. Seriously they were starving.



The aroma, the blast of colours. The food was just extraordinary. Home cooked. By a guy so obssessed with quality ingredients, even the onions used by him were bought from cold storage wtf. They were 4 roasted full size birds for 5 people ( is he insane ?? ), to die for mashed potatoessssss, Lasagnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ( pre ordered by me huhu ), greens which I believed only I ate it. ahahhaa. It was good. No, it was excellent. Orgasm in the mouth times 5 people.


“ guys, be natural, I wanna snap a candid shot”. This was the result ahahaha



Let the professional show you how to act natural in front of a dinner table full of heavenly feast ahahaha



The – photo – taking – session – using – smart – phone – which – to – be – uploaded – to – make – those – uninvited – envious – wtf



Though I’m in no position to complain, but the atmosphere was soo stuffy even the guests rushed to the window for a grasp of air. Noted that Mell was soo hungry, she refused to remove herself from her seat ahahaha



OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Chicken breast for me, a helpful of lasagna, 2 helpfuls of mashed potatoes and greens to provide contrast of colours to the palate and to show that I do lead a healthy lifestyle ahaha.



Within minutes I was running low on lasagna, handed over the plate for the 2nd helping. Mike why do you look soo kinky in this shot? ahahaha



The singing pilot : HEYYY

The patrons : WHAT?????

The singing pilot : I WANNA PROPOSED A TOAST

The patrons : URGHHHH…… ok



Jezz was soo into her Bold 4, she has neglected the lot for the rest of the night. ahahahaha.



OMG she looked like the wife of the yakuza clan leader. ahahaha



Decided to go against herself WTF ahaha



The highlight of the night:





The dessert was surprisingly great!! Additional 500K cal to the night. It was a combo of chocolate twiggies smothered with La Cremeria ice cream. Talk about that ice cream, I managed to seduce this woman to purchase it as i was working at a call centre for a pizza delivery. I didn’t get the paycheck as I quit after 5 days ahahaha.

Honestly, for a person to commit his effort and time to pay a tribute for a departing friend, it means a lot to me. Seriously. And to have such a good friends to enjoy the time with, It’s beyond priceless. OK I’M NOT ALL THAT MEAN MOST OF THE TIME.  AHAHAHA

Sadly, the clock striked to 10 pm, and  I need to rush. Damn I really gonna miss  you guys. You guys will definitely miss me ahahaha


The singing pilot and MIKE, the chef host guitarist extraordinaire.



The singing pilot misbehaving with JEZZ, ended up looking like a stick insect hanging on her shoulder ahaha.



The singing pilot with STEVE, the chocolate monster, an opposite to my chocolate allergy. Seriously I’m allergic to chocolate and nearly fainted because of it.



And last but not least, The singing pilot with MELL, so cute we dressed up of the same colour tone. We looked like freshly blended pink guava juice. ahaha



Group picture!!!! I know y’all love me to death. Miss me ok! AHAHAHA


  1. where are u going?! we havent meet up for reunion!

  2. I'm in the land of crazy traffic jam ahaha. Reunion mane satu ni?

  3. Land of crazy traffic jam...India??

    Reunion...hahaha..kita2 je..gang yg slalu stayback kat skola..kononnyer utk study..padahal buang masa je.. *sings: i give my AAAALLLLLLLLLLL~*

  4. Chee Yan:

    aku kat jakarta laaaa. keje here.... xde maknanye nk dtg reunion suke2 je. kite reunion kat sini je la. I GIVE MY ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  5. chewah..di Jakarta dong..klas ko..

    nnt jgn xbalik lak..igt kat org M'sia jugak wei!