Monday, December 12, 2011

The departure


Well guys I’m finally back in action after MIA since landed in Jakarta last weekend. Most are still clueless on the destination I’m heading to. Ermm, I just spilled it ahahaha ok shut up. Hahahahah stay even more clueless as basically you guys are surrounded by the clouds of vagueness on what am I gonna do in the foreign land. Oh yes I went to this country for a calm, soothing vacation, carrying along 21.8 Kg  luggage wtf. As if there’ll be any living thing even willing to keep up with my life. OK stop babbling around.


The compulsory photos taken to prove to the world you’re actually air travelling ahahaha ok shut up. I luuuuuuuuuuuuv KLIA.


If there’s a thing that a person truly deserves to be freaking out much about is to actually travel to a foreign country. I’ve broken my passport virginity and I’m now ready to whore myself by all the stamp chopsof the foreign countries’ immigration ahahaha.


I just can’t lie. the enthusiasm was high and I’ve been looking forward for this flight. To finally fulfill my dream and to fly on a brand new Boeing 737-900ER. Those who aren’t sure of what I’ve just said, it’s like you can’t wait to hop on your aunt’s latest Rolls Royce and ride it to the nearest night market wtf. I was fearless, I was strong. Not until my family and I took the photo above. Especially when my niece was within my grasp. It’s that the proper word?? I was teary eyed. On top of that sorrow, my Mama can’t make it to the airport since she herself is going through some medical issues. I strong refused her to tag along with us. Alhamdulillah she has recovered and now giving me daily phone calls to Jakarta!! Alhamdulillah my pillar of strength is now back to the pink of health.



That forest in the Sattelite terminal is genius! First time taking the aerotrain! More and more virginities were broken ahahahaha


I can’t believed I can be overwhelmed by the emotions. I nearly cried at the terminal. As if I’m moving to New York for good. Jakarta is just 2 hours flight away. Fine. It’s my first ever journey that requires passport as part of the travel documents. I snapped the photos above just to drag away my mind from thinking about the family and friends that I’m leaving behind. OK Jakarta is soooo near I can even go back on weekends. Stop being sooo emotional. Ahahaha.





Isn’t she a natural beauty. OK shut up. Every morning there’ll be a PSA in the TV channels if Indonesia to commemorate the additional purchase of 230 aircrafts of that kind by the airline, totalling up to 400 plus aircraft owned by the airline. Seriously with such high amount of aircraft, you can fly from Jakarta to North Pole, and transit to Alaska to say hi to Sarah Palin. I dunno why I kinda like her. Don’t mind voting for her as president ahaha.



Without fail, I’ll make a contact or two once on board a flight. On this one I’ve met A, a malaysian of Indonesian parentage, you’ll easily be fooled by him, On one side he can be a complete malaysian and on the other, a total indonesian lad. He’s a living proof that you can actually live a double life between 2 countries, frequently jet setting. A nice guy, highly business minded. His biggest advice to me during the flight:


“ if you wanna be a saint, you can be double an angel there in Jakarta. If you’re intention is unpure, you could end up as a dajjal”


It was really petrified by his statement, I went straight to the lavatory and urinate. ahahaha



How cool is this??? The airline provided a pamphlet filled with prayers for nearly all the main religions of the world. Talking about a safe flight right. Dear other airlinessssssssssssssssss, it’s just a pamphlet. Will not cost a dime. Imagine 160 pax prayed together, how  blessful a flight could be.



Blah blah blah…. landed in Jakarta. What an avant garde airport it is.



My batchmates and I can't no longer content our hunger, since the inflight F&B sales weren’t  that convincing. The obviously closest food outlet from the arrival hall is KFC. How terrifying is that even the KFC owns a group of security guards. Like while selling chickens there’s a possibility of the outlet to be robbed. Sense of reality finally kicked in. Trolleys weren’t allowed in the premise and the security works to look after it for you while you’re munching over the fried food ahaha. I was in complete shock knowing that my meal, my light refreshment, sums up to 175000 rupiah. My hands were shivering upon passing the notes to the cashier. In my mind I was thinking how much car installments could be cleared, how I can utilised the money to neuter my cat before he makes out with the other domestic female feline. After conversion it was only 6 ringgit plus ahahaha OK shut up it was really embarassing even to have this thoughts in mind.


Long lived Kamar Kecil ahahahahahhaha. It’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cleaner than those in KL. I can confirm you that


Upon boarding our transportation which took us to the accomodation, out of the bushes came this group of men sooooooo willingly to lend their hand to carry our highly overloaded luggages. From the beginning I knew it was a scam, I was holding to my luggage like I’m holding to my own dear life. I wasn’t letting them even be near me. Worst of all my friends were just clueless and let them carry their things into the van. I was monotonously screaming in my head. DOOOOOOOOOOOOON’T!!! Ended up we paid them 50000 rupiah, I initially handed 5000 rupiah they find it offensive. HAHAHA suckers.


Jakarta by far the most unique place I’ve ever been to. A mixture of quirkinest and surprises. Next to the slumps come the high rise condominiums and premium shopping malls which are millions billion trillion gazillions times wayyyyy fancier than those back in KL. I can’t believed my eyes. There’s a football court in between the intersection of the freeway. That’s what I called THE utilization of space.


Some random photos to end up the post……..


I bet Indonesia is organizing another general election soon.


Even there’s a billboard for sinetron? Well, if everytime Siti Nurhaliza launches a new album, she deserves one isn’t she. ahahaha ok shut up.


I was soo curious on how much fuel costs in Jakarta. Wasn’t even bother to convert. Go here


  1. Great...and all the best to you...good breakthrough....ada flight KL-Jakarta tak?


  2. Dear uncle,

    the airline dat i'll be flying xde laa. lion air ade. Murah aja donggggg ahaha

  3. beb, exchange rate berapa? finally update jugak!!!

  4. Dear aya, exchange rate aku dpt kat kl dlm 3500 rp for 1 ringgit. Kat sini leh dpt kalau tuka byk2. Pastu ade je tips. Annoying ahaha

  5. hi..

    i'm glad that u are safely landed.
    Good luck!
    err...jutawan sangat kann...

  6. Dear baby catz, ewww ahaha

    Jutawan bangettttt. Dtg la sini weyyy