Sunday, December 25, 2011

What the hell am I doing in Jakarta



I’m in Jakarta to be a fool


OK that’s an understatement. ahaha. Alright then, it’s about time for me to break the ice, the scrape off the misconceptions that were thrown towards this humble person, which is me. Ahaha. I’m in Jakarta:

  1. not for shopping
  2. not to be a fool ( as potrayed by the photo above, btw it’s not me )
  3. Not to be a player ( trust me, girls here are HOOOOOOOOOOOT )

I’m basically here for an initial endorsement program to convert my flying license to Indonesian license. Yes, books have to be reopened AGAIN. Pilots do read books. Not just all autopilot from point to point.



It was the first day of the program. None of us have the clue about the schedule. So for a buffer we decided to get ourselves ready by 8.00 am and was notified later by the management that we have to leave the dormitory at 10.00 am wtf.  The photo above proves how entertainment and show biz drives the blood of all Indonesian. There’s a daily morning concert in the TV which I don’t even bother to know the name of the channel coz there are like 16 FREE TV CHANNELS available!! One day Julia Perez performed in the morning concert. She’s a freak. Like totally singing in a leopard suit. Goosebumps.

 IMG_0458Camwhoring do boost your self esteem



The composition of the classroom. Malaysians, 2 Indonesians, a Brit and a Francais.



Never to be fooled. We’re uncontrollable most of the time. Again, Camwhoring is a healthy lifestyle that I lead. ahahaha. The program is quite relaxing. Really. Every half an hour there’s a 15 minutes break. With snacks. Really super cool. It was a sad affair to later find out that such flexible method is only applied by the first instructor ahaha.




The true highlight of the day. The babe. The beauty. The b***h. ahahaha. The fixed base Boeing 737 NG simulator. I know, I don’t own the privilege to fly here. Yet.




The faces of enthusiasm and concentration as the aircraft is about to land in whatever airport it was. Thanks Mr. Supriatna or Pak Pri for initiating the visit to the simulator. He’s a retired Garuda Indonesia flight engineer. He had this nasty jokes about aircraft with propellers. He asked us all why passengers are waiting outside the aircraft before take off. We were left puzzled by his question. He further explained that all of the pax are so hot they have to go outside for some fresh air coz the fan is located outside not in the interior of the cabin. Like WTFFFF.





Hope to see you guys when I fly soon! OK I’m loving the trolley bag.


  1. mas romie, dont forget to bring back pasha ungu hahah ;p

  2. babe..finally...ko jd jugak pilot!!!!!m happy for you la... :)))

  3. Ms anonymous:
    If I manage to get pasha of different colour besides ungu, will u be settled? Ahaha. Fairuz is dis u??

    Pn irna:
    Thanx bebeh, dtg la jakarta!!

  4. hahah. who else then?

  5. Alaaaaa. I wished ur sumone else ahahha kidding

  6. yea ritteee.....aren't the ceweks overthr r gud enuf for u..oops, jk too!! :p

  7. Lawa gilerrrrr weyyyyyyyy. Serious x tipu. Jk? Japan korea? Bukan taste gue. Ahaha

  8. what did i tell u kn....btw, just kidding laaa -.-"