Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hitting the base


* Big fat bass, big fat bass *

Love you Britney, forever do and will. Siti too. Being polygamous. Hahaha OK shut up


That big fat bass song reminds me of the initial stage of my flight training. Such a long process of training right?? Yeah it is. We need to be all competent in and out before we can actually take the plane to the sky. Wow sounded so fancy I feel like I’m living in the life of a superstar. The truth is there’re soo much to do in the cockpit and I feel like a flying clerk hahaha.


Base check or endorsement flight as they call it, is a crucial part of the training, basically the pilot just need to perform few take off and landing, land the aircraft safely and that’s all. But to make it as the pilot’s first time EVERRRRRRRRRRR to do so, it’s totally gruesome and daunting experience at the same time!

Once you passed the endorsement thingy, your flying licence will be endorsed with the aircraft rating, as an indication that you’re certified to fly that specific model of the plane. Mine is ATR 72-500. As if you guys know la kan hahaha. The determining part of this endorsement was that once i get endorsed, I’m finally welcomed to the company. Like get the contract signed. Get my basic salary banked into the account at the end of the month, the most anticipated day of all ahaha. I was living on bread and gado – gado prior to get signed. And lost quite a significant number of kilograms in fat. Bahahaha. But I still categorize myself in the overweight section. Is it just me or I AM THAT FAT ( block letters to emphasize the gravity of the situation, ain’t joking and dead serious. Am I that fat?? )


The base check was done in Palembang. The instructor and a couple of colleagues were together on this program. We boarded into the mother’s company plane around early evening and arrived at the destination slightly before dawn. How great. My first ever take off and landing attempts will take place in total darkness. Ok exaggeration again hohoho


Privilege of working under the same umbrella, Express boarding!!



And free refreshment! Never say NOOOO to free stuff!! The apple juice got ice cubes too! Hahaha ok shut up.


Ahah, the bird was waiting for us. Together with that gloomy clouds above. My heart was pounding to the beat of the drum in Britney Spears song where she met the astronaut in Mars. OK I lied. I was scared to the point that I forced my colleagues to fly first. Hahahaha


Was a good thing I didn’t put on those stilletos or heels as I might scrape my scalp by the ceiling ( what?? ). There’s only 10cm clearance between my head and the ceiling. But I wished to grow another 6cm. Atleast I still can make it in the cabin by 4cm. Is it possible to grow a bit more at the golden age of 2*?? Let’s put the number into guessing ahahahahaha


The cockpit was full with them 3. So as being mischievous I decided to sneak out to the empty cabin and being pretentious, trying to get the feel of being a passenger. Was in training for the cockpit and I have lost that sense of being a customer to an airline. Hahahaha.

* DING DONG DING DONG * ( PA announcement bell )

“Hey what are you doing there at the back? Come here to the cockpit”

Hohohoho the call from the captain. Better get my arse back to the place i belonged to.


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH me flying the bird. Big bird. What an experience to see the city from above at night. The landing lights on the runway is soo colourful it feels like Christmas. My palm was sweating and I continuously chanted “nail the landing, nail the landing, hungry hungry”



HUGE sigh of relieve. Made it through the flight in one piece. It did boast my confidence, knowing that if I can make it at night, flight at daytime will be less of a stress ( which was proven wrong hahaha ). Let me recall on my night flying training in the flying school. It was raining kinda heavily and I told my instructor that we should curtail on the night flight. He said just go on, just fly. I ended up flying in a stormy weather. Alone  - __ -


BIG UPs to Capt Fitzgerald for being soooo understanding that he didn’t push the hell out of us trainees. If your captain is the easy breezy type kinda guy, you know you’ll be cruising stress free hahaha.


OK I’m all drained out and left with nothing to blorg about. Here’s the picture of the aircraft central console.



and the circuit breakers behind the FO’s seat. I did contemplate on why should I include this photo. Mainly because it was at night and I can’t see anything outside hahahaha


To complete the whole experience, a meal with the capt and colleagues. Capt’s treat. He read my mind. He read it well enough. FREEEEEE FOOOOOOOOOOOD. It can’t get any better than that right? Anyone having open house this time around? I’m about to go around, from house to house as a redemption of missing out on celebrating raya this year huhuhu.



Having a duet with Siti Nurhaliza hahaha wtf

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