Monday, October 15, 2012



Hello my deary subjects ( ok I’m registering myself for a homicide with this salutation )

I just got so much to talk about, plentiful of stories to be told, pictures to share ( like I have my own loyal audience to this lackluster blorg ). The main reason that leads to this enthusiasm,  I WAS BACK, back in tanah tumpah kari daging, MALAYSIA!! MALAISIE MALAISIE! I’m a proud Malaisien. Siti Nurhaliza Siti Nurhaliza !!! OK shut up

*** p/s: Malaisien was never a typo ***

I’m the guy of such full of surprises, especially towards my Mama. The other night I was having a night stop in Bali and next morning I’ll be texting my Mama advising her that I’ll be boarding a 1 pm flight bound for KL. Wuhooo home after 7 months in the foreign land. It makes me sound as if I’m currently residing in Alaska or something, I’m just 2 hours flight away from home but to get an empty slot in the schedule for me to apply leave can be a tiresome ordeal. But whatever, I’m back and about to gain weight ( dead ).


In such an unchronological manner, I skipped to the part of the homecoming that is worth the attention compared to the other. I missed out on the kenduri doa selamat for my Uncle and aunt, and an annoying cousin, hahaha whom will be leaving for Mekkah to perform the Hajj. Alhamdulillah was given the opportunity to be the company to the Tabung Haji Complex in Kelana Jaya. It’s such a good exposure for someone like me who basically have lost his touch and knowledge on Hajj pilgrimage, and I myself don’t even have a clue where the complex is. But pretty sure and full of confidence that it’s located rather near to Makcik Gemuk kuey teow in KJ. Ask me where you can find that fat makcik, I’ll spill you the location if I’m in the mood to be generous hahaha.

Few weeks ago, in Lombok, done with the day after 6 landings ( physically and emotionally drained hahaha ). We  were ahead of the schedule and landed on the last flight approximately half an hour ahead of schedule. I was like a wilted stalk of celery and all that in mind was to check into the hotel and get my much anticipated afternoon nap. Do you get into dreams when you’re having your nap? Or does that considered as an ordinary sleep wtf. It came into a surprise that the airport was jammed packed, road was at the standstill. I was left in a daze, this is not federal highway or the roads in Jakarta. Lombok is just basically stunning beach and tobacco plantations. Later we were told by the driver that the pilgrims of the island were embarking for the hajj flight. OK noted and understood. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, the family of the pilgrims that came along, MasyaAllah!! They were in the lorry, and I can assure you not less than 20 people were on it!! That’s just one lorry, imagine the airport compound was full of lorries which were full of relatives of the pilgrims! Some even sat on top of the lorry’s driver compartment and I’m out of words to describe it hahaha. So, what’s the hype with accompanying the pilgrims, You ain’t gonna be granted with free tickets ( OK I’ll slap my face for making such vulgar statement ).


Business opportunities. Luckily my niece wasn’t with us or less dead


Bubbles came out between the gaps of the grill. Again, my niece wasn’t around. hahaha


Do I look fat, honestly??

Kartinot ( hahaha ), the ever annoying cousin, came to me and said, “Am I the the youngest pilgrim for this flight?” That is sooo annoying my dear cousin. AHAHAHA It’s your rezeki to have that valuable opportunity to visit the sacred land at the tender age of 21. Haha you’re already in the 20’s hoho


The ladies: dearest Mama, Mak Uda, Sistah Kak Da and Kartinot haha


When I salam my aunt to bid farewell for the journey, I did wished her “selamat menunaikan rukun islam ke 6”

“hoi yang ke 5 la. Mana ada sampai 6!”


hahahahah sorry my bad




And the group photo before the check in. Ya Allah we were next to the trash bin hahaha. OK let’s get back to the enquiry, why so many to accompany? Why a whole load of lorry of relatives? Why??

So this is my take to this issue. To be part of this pilgrimage does require a pilgrim to be well prepared mentally and physically as the journey can be physically enduring, especially to the elderly. The role that needs to be played by the relatives is to ease the burden as much as they could afford to, like helping the pilgrims upon the registration at the Hajj complex, help to label the luggage and carry it around. Try to empathize, the pilgrims may get overwhelmed with the whole process and you’re there as a support system. It may get me into an emotional state as I haven’t met them for 7 months! InsyaAllah may the time comes I will at least have some rough ideas on how things are going on before departure to Mekkah. InsyaAllah  Amin


OK this is fairly a job of an idiot, I did looked around hoping to see Siti Nurhaliza, with hopes she’ll be on the same flight. Astaghfirullahalazim! Focus on the pilgrims not on the celebrity!!


Wongga Wongga!!


  1. happy family send-off by the looks of it! may Allah grant them haji mabrur InshaAllah. your mom looks younger than I imagined, probably my age? have a great time back in beloved homeland, i certainly miss it a lot! :)

    1. Greetingsfromengland:

      It was a happy affair, was grateful for them to be given the opportunity to perform the hajj dis year n I've been missin them a lot since I'm quite far away haha.

      Thanx for the compliments abt my mama. Org yg baik muka slalu cantek kan. She's older than merdeka by a year. You do the math. Same age ke?

  2. alhamdulillah, happy for you singing pilot, to have the opportunity to meet up with your family and relatives once again. i know what its like to miss sanak sedara…anyway…you're not joking abt your mom yeah…she honestly looks a decade younger at least! i am in my 4th decade, a few years on dah… :)

    1. Ala akak, fret not, 40's is the new 30. Atleast ur in the same category as claudia schiffer hahaha. Embrace it!

  3. ok me da baca ini, nk jumpa ct tak, i boleh arrange..ok ok i tipu...lari laju laju macam jumpa hantu kekekeke

    1. Akakkkkkkkkk! Hal berkaitan dgn Dato Siti Nurhaliza jgn dibuat main. Sy serious dgn siti ni haha

    kalu bukan pun, kirim jugak ler. no harm right?

    1. KAK ZUHRI:

      YES IN DEED PN ROSDAR IS MY MAKUDA. Hahaha alhamdulillah she n her family dh di tanah haram to perform haji. Akak dca gak ke? Will get in touch wit u soon

    2. I know your mak uda Rosdar Liki, who used to be my classmate in TKC. I forgot to ask for her no when she came to my daughter's wedding last weekend. Good if I can reconnect with, hope she will call me