Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Singing Pilot is taking the sky!



Ya Allah I felt like giving myself a tight slap. Can anyone stand up to this annoyance? By the way do I look fat?? Weight is a sensitive matter in my town haha.


OK cut the crap off….. back to real time.

kring kring, ding dong, woosh woosh, bang bang ( my  imagination is rather limited to describe the SMS tone haha )




Ya Allah my line training will commence soon! NOT SOON, TOMORROW!! Ya Allah am I ready??? Cold sweat flowing off the pores at an uncontrolled rate. Scary the mary. Don’t get the idea in the wrong direction, it’s not that I’m traumatised in flying, but the LINE TRAINING is coming to get me!!! Those who are unfamiliar with the term, I’ll further elaborate on the upcoming post, provided I receive a free supply of dried chillies in Jakarta. It’s a sad state to know that it’s not a common ingredient in their kitchen and I need to cook nasik lemak! Anyone! be compassionate! feed me with dried chillies ( erghh sounded like I munch dried chillies while lazying myself in front of the TV while watching sinetron. Hey I don’t favour sinetron!! )



LUCKILY, on the first day I just sat at the jumpseat as an observer. For those who are fascinated with the cockpit, it’s just a small tiny compact mobile office where you can be at so many places at any time haha. The perks of being a pilot ( whateverrrr haha ). Plus there’re tonnes of buttons, circuit breakers therefore those itchy hands have to be put on a leash. Your brain might get into a vertigo looking at all those meters and such. And to those who are given the opportunity to seat in the cockpit, don’t pretend that you’ll trying to learn and familiarise yourself with the system, coz you’ll never. HAHAHAHA evil me


Felt like giving myself a big fatty punch on the face. But don’t. I’m in love with my features ( vainpot )



Ya Allah subhanallah the mighty creation of Allah SWT. It was just like 2000 feet above the volcano and my heart was pumping like a mad cow. And why does the plane has to cruise at a very low speed ( in fact it was at high speed actually ). I just wanna clear of the terrain!! It’s not a shocker to see soo many villagers along the planes of the volcanic mountains, yes mountains, more than just a volcano. Like a herd of volcanoes, a brotherhood of volcanoes, a dozen of volcanoes ( ohh a dozen of Ikea’s karipap ). The view is just, SPECTACULAR. Hands down with a word


Had a nightstop in Semarang. To get to know the place do google it yourself. It’s in between Jogja and Surabaya. I think. Don’t blame me it was my very first flight! This was the treat by the captain. Nasi gudeg. I was skeptical at first coz it’s my first time going to this kinda stall but the food was goooooooooooooood!!



Fancy hotel awaits at the end of the day. It was fasting month and the sahur buffet did not dissapoint! Did I tell you I had my break fast in the cockpit. Cool right! ( yeah right I was actually eating the crew meal in near total darkness. OK exaggerate too much )


The next day, MY BIG DAY, my first flight as a flying pilot. The jobscope is divided into 2, one is pilot flying and the other non flying. The pilot flying handles the flying side and the navigation of the flight. It may be the captain or the first officer. But it doesn’t overwrite the authority of the captain who signs off every single decision to be made in the cockpit. The non flying handles the communications and etc. AND I WAS FLYING!!


Smoke circulates out from the sharp pointed volcano. Scaryyyy. Fret not, if there’s any volcanic activity detected, the pilots will be notified beforehand. Volcanoes were the only thing that entertained me throughout the flight. Where’s KLCC?? and yes the zigzag lines are not cracks on the windshield, it’s for windshield heating.


To sum up the edition, another deserved to be smacked in the face kinda face. But please don’t, I love myself, and I haven’t find my much desired skinny jeans therefore I need to live for a very long time wtf. At the back is FO Iskandar, much gratitude to him for sharing his knowledge to a cow who just started his actual flying training. Ya Allah his house is an hour drive from the airport, WITHOUT JAM. Mine is just 15 mins away hohoho.


This schedule was few days before raya. And I raya alone, ate nasik goreng from 7 Eleven. Coz none of the restaurants were open T__T





  1. wow really awesome..so beautiful ciptaan allah sbt from up there:) he he me and the girls are fascinated by cockpit;):) nasi gudeq kedengaran lazatt banget;):) and awesome hotel to go back to...all in all an awesome life..Alhamdulillah;);)

    1. kalau nak merasa suasana cockpit tu pegi je kat kidzania tu. the girls been there b4 rite. mcm comel the the mock cockpit tu. nasik gudeg tu honestly warung dia masyaallah horror gak nk beli mknan tp dh cuba aduhhhh sedapppppp

  2. why don't they have 'like' button on Blogger? :) thanx for sharing your experience up there, an eye opener indeed, amazing!

  3. hahahahaha thanx for being so enthusiastic on my lousy write up. just sharing my day to day experience in life. syukur alhamdulillah for the opportunity given

  4. omagad...I wish my son will become a pilot just like you..for now, he likes ~ singing... hehe

    1. Alaa let him be a singer la. Kita ketandusan penyanyi lelaki yg unggul. But let me get my record played by the radio first ahahha