Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When the sun sets down



When the sun’s about to leave the horizon



What a sleepy schedule it was. Though I had ample rest the night and the morning before the flight, I was still longing for the comfy, fluffy, cuddly pillow of the hotel room I was in. Argh how wonderful life is when you have the opportunity to make the hotel room as your temporary home. Yeah it works that way, I spend more nights away from my rented apartment. Ohh I miss the unwashed pillow sheet, the uncovered mattress back in my pad. Never missed my place ever then tonight. Obviously, I’m scheduled to return to Jakarta tomorrow therefore that is the only appropriate mood to have in mind. Hahaha

A friend from Sarawak will be heading to town soon and InsyaAllah he’ll be staying at my place! Can’t wait to communicate in my native mother tongue since the homesickness pandemic last week. Wait, since he’s coming from Kuching, I should take the advantage of this opportunity to request for rempah laksa sarawak. Yeah I should. And he’s from Bintulu to be exact, Bintulu renowned belacan!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA killing two birds with one stone!


Cruising and tummy was growling. Can’t help it with the temptation of seeing the captain enjoying his meal. Bare in mind, I’m on a strict diet and in need to shed off like tons of excess fat off this body frame. I’m aspired to look like those men of the runway of Paris hahaha. Still looking for places to get skinny jeans with good bargain. I came across this so called first Malaysian made jeans ( like seriously, do Malaysian manufacture their own clothes, don’t we naturally just outsource?? ) and the basic skinny will cost at least RM180 and the premium ones are priced at mere RM300. Are they seriously freakin’ kidding me? Are those denims made from the finest organic Eqyptian cotton or a hybrid species of exotic Iguanas extracted into sheets of fabric ?( ok digression again ). Like seriously, do your research on your target clientele and keep it within a range where most Malaysian commoners like myself could afford. And again, your target customers are teenagers. Child, those teens who are able to afford such price tags will definitely shop for goods of greater brands. Take my advice!! Lower your price!! OK how did I get myself into this emotional rant which all started on in flight crew meal?? hahahahah


Told you I’m on this program. I only ingested the roasted chicken. Thank god I refrained myself from munching those cabbage slices or else the cockpit will be intoxicated with gaseous discharge from my ***  hahahaha. If you’re on a date, skip the cabbage or whatever food  that will give out flatulence effect, or in laymen’s term, fart!!


The captain decided to leave the logo lights on to flaunt out the logo of the airline. This bird is fresh of the factory by the way.


She's only 3 days old. OK 3 days old in service for the airline


Hey hey I’ve flown this new girl in town. Isn’t she a beauty? I’m referring to the plane not the cabin crew okk.


Myth buster 101: When you’re done with your business in the aircraft lavatory and the second you press the flush button, the waste is collected and is discharged by the ground staff using such vehicle. Your fecal waste or whatever waste you have passed off will not gonna be eliminated off the plane recklessly and end up on anyone’s rooftop. Myth has been busted.


Let me break this to you. Well, this is my first ever experience tasting the rainbow cake. I’ve great passion of food and I’m not that thrilled either to munch this cake, it’s just layered coloured sponge cake. Those whoever posted photos of this kinda cake on facebook or instagram, hahaha you’ve just been fooled over a simple plain bakestuff. Nothing much out of it actually. BUUUUUUUUUUUUT, I bought it after 9pm and guess what?? I know I’m a very smart consumer, 50% off!! ahahahaha. I always like to brag about discounts. Just wait till the clock hit the hour and tadaa, the same thing for half the price. Wouldn’t be bothered with freshness, how fresh can a cake be? Eating it straight off the oven, piping hot?? Ermm, I’m supposed to be on diet right??


P/s: Siti  Nurhaliza loves patin masak tempoyak. and I miss Temerloh for that. Hahaha goodnight world.


  1. ooooo diet2 pun beli rainbow cake jugak ye..hihi

    Bestnya dpt terbang dgn kterbang yg baru berusia 3 hari...masih bau baru tu...sure masih berkilat2 lagi kan.

    Bukannya dah kuruss ke Mr pilot???
    akak ni yg kena diet kaw2 punya sepatutnya.

    ohhh rempah laksa serawak akan tibaaaaa
    nanti jgn lupa upload gambar laksa sarawak ye :)

    Selamat hari raya haji...
    raya di jakarta pun rasanya sama aje kot :)

    1. Discount tu yg kita mahukan. Cake tu skadar dii pinggiran je hahaha. Aircraft bru tp xde lak bau baru mcm beli keta baru kan. Syg je kalau x feeling lebih sket.

      Huhu xdapek la buat laksa sbb member dh ade kat uma akak dia kat klang. Melepas la daku. Slamat aarii raye aji. Sy x celebratee raye aji sgt pun. Mmg dr dulu biasa jee

  2. the cake can replace the carb from the rice kot hahahah!
    btw good infos about cabbage! thanx heheh

    1. Tau xpe, name je diet. Worse, sblom tu dh mkn ice cream n pizza hahahahaha. So kalau nk berdating elakkan kobis kalau x aromaterapi la jwpnyee haha

  3. I just found out your profile and it's so fascinating to read such a good writing from a pilot! I really wanna be a pilot since I was a kid and you make me can't wait for it. Thank you for such an inspiring writing, will always drop by here! :)

    1. Hi anonymous!

      Thanx for bein the very first anonymous reader to comment haha. So ur expectin the worst out of a pilot's account??? Hahaha. Don't let the dream fade away, stay positive n motivated. Most important of all, remain humble n grounded. It works dat way. All the best!

  4. nice one to know more about pilot's life ^_^ it such a wonderful scenery on the sky actually ^_^

    1. Well hello there pilot lover. I'm rather in a daze right now. U luv to be a pilot or to be in love wit a pilot??

  5. kikiki, ok akk gelak dgn komen u kat atas nih..adoiii u ni mmg noti..ct suka tempotak patin ya, akk pun sukerr..mak aiii sedapnyerr yg kat tepi sungai temerloh tu, hirup kuah dia sampai kering mangkuk..huhuhu