Monday, October 8, 2012

Ya Allah Singapore!




 The vainpot in action

Was on an all expense paid day trip to singapore. To obtain my working permit stuff from the indonesian embassy of that island. Many came back to me with questions on why do I have to travel all the way there where logically it can be done in Jakarta itself. Guys, what have your life lessons have taught you? Repeat after me for multiple times till you get it down in your system: NEVER EVER SAY NO TO FREE STUFF, MIGHT AS WELL A FREE TRIP! ahahaha



The flight is soo freaking early even the roosters in the village are still asleep. Well, not that early it’s 8am flight I guess. Can’t really recall the details of the flight since insomnia was striking in and I didn’t catch any sleep. At all. Dead tired. Ok i digressed too much here.  That salesguy in the photo was sooo stoked on knowing that I’m a malaysian and he wanted to know soo much, as if I’m Siti Nurhaliza hahaha. As a counter offer to his enthusiasm I decided to snap a photo or two. How sweet am I. Bahahaha



The first thing I’ll do on departing on an international flight, get the nasty immigration card filled. Despite……



I was dead exhausted. And can’t even fall asleep. The best combo




Right before the aircraft  started to taxi, the flight attendants were walking along the aisle to distribute free newspapers. FREE!! It’s not even a full service airline. Again, never say never to free stuff hahaha. Frankly, reading newspaper is not the nation’s favourite past time thing and it’s not even easily found in shops whatsoever.

ARGH crap. I don’t understand much what i’ve read. Who ever claims that malaysia and indonesia are synonymous in language, WRONG!



YA ALLAH SERIOUSLY IF I WERE TO HAVE TASER GUN AT THAT MOMENT THIS NASTY COUPLE WILL BE ELECTROCUTED WITHOUT A DOUBT. I understand that you guys have this bad romance fetish dreams or something where cuddling is practiced in public spaces but seriously GET YOUR FREAKING HANDS OFF ME!! STOP TOUCHING MY WAIST!!

 IMG_1222 The coveted Changi Airport.



The terminal 1. Lovely! Sooo sophisticated. It was sooo huge my legs were about fail. The travelator is not that really helping since I was on a rush. Things I love: The immigration staffs are just friendly, especially the makciks hahaha. I know how to get around them quite easily. The worst part: THE SECURITY CHECK. My goodness the thorough checks i find it rather unnecessary, they even checked the content of my pencil case.

 IMG_1225 The super contented, excited, grateful, dead hungry and even much dead tired



Was supposed to be there with colleagues but they can’t make it in the last minute. The big van all to myself. How lovely. With the friendly Uncle Eddy as the driver, I felt like living in a million dollar’s life ( just a van, not even a jaguar or something hahaha )


The rather empty embassy counter area!


It’s sooo pleasant around here. There’s even a mosque and a swimming pool at the back! Can you see the tennis court too?? Unlike what they have in KL, you can get into a stampede coz there are soooo many people there in Jln Tun Razak’s embassy. Not to forget the cafe at the back selling native indonesian delicacies. Plus there’re soo many ayam serama roaming around. Freely! Ayam serama at loose in Singapore!


 IMG_1230 Clarke Quay



Finally. The Arab street. My trip will not be complete without a visit to this area ( as if i came here before haha ). Enough with the talking and I need to sample the much talked about singapore murtabak. HUNGRY TO THE CORE……



As a proof that I’m a tourist for the day bahahahaha. OHHHHH MILO AIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


While waiting for the murtabak to show up on my table:

me: * turn around * assalamualaikum akak. nyotnyetnyotnyetnyotnyet sini ape best saye dtg dari KL nyotnyetnyotnyet.

akak singapore: oh ye ke nyotnyetnyotnyet ( dunno what she said )

me: oh ye ke? nyotnyetnyotnyetnyotnyet thank you so much i love you much more.

the lady’s son: mak siape pakcik tu?

akak singapore: ohh ni la boyfriend mak.

me: alaaa dek pakcik ni scandal mak awak dulu. (  kahkahkah )



The uber crunchy, juicy, satisfying, mostly coz i was famished. SEDAAAAAAAAAAAAAP. Ok that’s an overstatement.



The only reason I took this photo coz I was not sure the place i just sampled the murtabak is either Zam Zam or Victory. So Victory was actually next door haha. At the end of the shoplot stretch there’s a restaurant selling camel meat beriani. How scary the mary.


me: excuse me? Jln pisang kat mane? saye lapar nak makan makanan melayu plak. tolong tunjuk jln boleh? ( the weather is the killer, hot as hell )



Hajjah Maimunah! From the recommendation of the lady from the murtabak place. i’m pretty  sure that this guy slowed down his walking pace when i took out my camera hahaha



In heaven! MALAY KUEH!!!!


and malay delicacies alike. I will definitely move heaven and earth for the sake of indulging this wonderful dishes. The restaurant was immaculate, sparkly clean yet they are rated B for cleanliness. Ya Allah please show me how a grade A restaurant will be like.



YA ALLAH MASAK LEMAK SIPUT SEDUT. Very the Negeri Sembilan kan



Super lovely. It’s in english



A must do in Singapore. Riding on the MRT. Reminded me of the lovely Putra LRT back in KL. But the MRT line is well connected and rather complicated. Be sure at which station you need to disembark and not to ever fall asleep. You might end up at Bkt Serdang or Pasir Ris ( ehh i remembered the stations! )



Few hours to kill before the flight back to Jakarta, wanted to see the Marina Bay Sands myself and took a ticket to Marina Bay. Ended here in the end of nowhere  -__-




Ok it’s bye bye time. Bye Singapore. Thanks for the murtabak and and siput sedut. Paid $10.00 for that ( for sure I remembered the price coz it’s not free and have to fork out my own dime haha ). Don’t you think this photos resembles Putrajaya?? OK homesick at the all time high huhu



Departed. Destination Jakarta. Dozed off as soon i sat on the allocated seat. Resumed the lost hours of sleep back at my apartment. What a lovely 16 hours of sleep hahaha.


Wongga wongga!


  1. Ya Allah Singapore! Ya Allah mulut beso! Ya Allah tangan gatai! Ha ha you re such a good writer Madan even with that big yawning mouth your entry is very entertaining to read..talented lah you:) some people tried hard to please people through their writing but yours just come naturally..i think..yo ko? aduhh ponek ahkak puji dah fedex murtabak singapore sekotak;) Singapore quite cool kan..i love the clean city:):)Changi airportis awesome too..masa kecik2 dulu pi rombongan sekolah sampai Changi airport heboh tengok toilet dia yang bersih tu:);) Finally that tangan really gatai tau..why you tak bakaq dengan lighter senyap2..kihh kihh..evil akak kan;);)keep feeding me with new entries ya;);)

    1. wahhhh org pilah buat lawatan smp ke temasek. gila over. kitorg skola kat subang balek2 trip to melaka. xpena join pun hahaha. dulu mase darjah 6 in 2002 ade join lawatan to sri pentas. i was much taller than ally iskandar though i was only 12 hahaha. will keep it posted, tungguuuuu

  2. tqsm bagi tau hang dah active balik, now bertambah must read blos list akak, peh ni rajin rajin hapdate blog hang yo, mmg xrugi time akak bacee semua cerita n tgk seme gambo tau, kelasss ko dikk..hik hik

  3. saye ni entertaining ke? ahahahah ok ok akan merajinkan diri. sila rajin membaca ye tqqqq

  4. salam singing pilot! i enjoyed every single word and picture…you write so naturally and beautifully…and of course that cheeky sense of humour…makes me smile all the way here in england! :)

    1. so if i'm headin to UK pls keep me entertained hahah. which part of england r u? i used to work close with debt collectors in UK n yes i do kno the places haha

  5. Akhirnya update juge..
    Ohhhh tidakkkkk...tayang martabak spore..uwaaaa
    Dulu akak mkn Dan bungkus bawa balik...tamakkkk pulak time tu...muhaha
    Huishhhh ada tgn gataiiii ....hushhhhh
    Makcik biasanya peramah lah this mokchik....muhahha

    Pssstttt....terus update ye....jgn every 5 month baru update

    1. terkenang kenang gak murtabak itu. sbb murtabak kat jakarta ni telur semata2. boleh la sedap gak. baiklah. saye akan merajinkan diri mulai skang. jgn malas nk singgah ke sini plak ahaha